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Updated 11/19/08




NCSA Annual Meeting & Fall Harvest Sale (2007)



Outgoing director Jonathan Massey is presented with a plaque by President Jeff Brinkley.




Rachel Bell, Zach Hutchison and Blake Francis received ASA Bronze Awards.  (Not pictured - Ruffin Hutchison also received a Bronze Award.)




Blake Francis is presented with the Jim Graham Junior Simmental Scholarship by Marvin Hutchison.






Jeremie Ruble from the ASA discussed the SimChoice Program.







New NCSA President Josh Bridges served as auctioneer for the donated items auction.








Rae Rucker holds up one of the goats donated for the auction.







NCSA Director Wayne Taylor is ready to serve the annual meeting meal.





Carl Thompson and Jim Rathwell were both buyers at the sale.





Callie Birdsell, Jonatha and Johnny Massey discuss the sale lots.







Charlie Thomas waits in the ring for the sale to begin.







Steve Sellers takes a bid as the first lot is sold.






Former Governor Jim Hunt talks with former Congressman Jack Hunt.





Mike Walters, Sam Mabe and Tommy Cline  purchased the lot lot in the sale for $5,500.




Miriam Bell, Ruffin and Marvin Hutchison work over the grill as the NC Junior Simmental Association serves lunch.




NC State Fair Open Simmental Show (2007)

Progress Through Performance Show

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Grand Champion Simmental Bull RBSS The Rock T417 shown by Ridgewood Simmentals of Boone, NC.




Grand Champion Simmental Heifer TreeLane Covergirl shown by Dillon Ridling of Salisbury, NC






Reserve Grand Champion Bull: RBSS Beckham T323 shown by Ridgewood Simmentals of Boone. 





Reserve Grand Champion Heifer:  MF Monique M09R shown by Jonathan Massey of Burlington, NC.




Reserve Senior Champion Heifer:





Champion Pair of Tarheel Heifers: Jonathan Massey of Burlington






Reserve Champion Pairs of Tarheel Heifers Ridgewood Simmentals of Boone






Champion Pair of Tarheel Bulls: Ridgewood Simmentals of Boone






2007 NC State Fair Junior Show

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Jimmy Smith Memorial Award Winner: Blake Francis of Waynesville





Grand Champion Simmental Heifer:   TreeLane Covergirl shown by Dillon Ridling of Salisbury, NC. 




Reserve Grand Champion Heifer: RFF Honky Tonk Girl S002 shown by Erin Rucker of Hamptonville, NC. 



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Updated 07/18/08

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